CM Video Lessons EDD Payments (CMEDDPAY) - Differences between EDD, WooCommerce, and MicroPayment

Differences Between EDD, WooCommerce, and MicroPayments

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The  CM Video Lessons Payments has default support for MicroPayments and, when powered by the Video  Lessons  Payments add-on, can support Easy Digital Download (EDD) and WooCommerce. To make it evident, here is a simple breakdown:

Note on the file name when downloading

When downloading the Video Lessons Payments add-on, you will notice that it is called "CM Video Lessons EDD Payments". That happens because the add-on only had EDD support at first. Later, it gained WooCommerce support, but the name persists. 


In both cases (CM Video Lessons Payments or MicroPayments), you will be able to:

  • Set a price, called subscription, for an individual video lesson.
  • Configure price tiers and allow users to choose between them.
  • Modify the length of the access period.

In the example below, the user is denied access to the content before paying: 

Differences between MicroPayments and EDD

1) MicroPayments (Supported by default)

The system based on a wallet which is available for each user and can store real money or virtual money. Once the user accesses the page with the subscription options, he needs to make sure he has enough currency available in his wallet. If he does not have the right amount, he will need to fill up the wallet first before being able to subscribe.

An example use of virtual currency would  be points the user gains while performing other tasks set by the admin. Within a learning environment, this can be part of an overall system for managing student activities. 

2) EDD and WooCommerce (Requires CM Video Lessons Payments add-on)

The model is based on paying money directly for watching: it is a straightforward Pay Per View mode. 

The user can pay for the subscription through the payment gateways which you have defined for EDD or WooCommerce. Examples of payment gateways include Stripe, PayPal, Skrill, 2Checkout and much more.

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