Order Archive M2 - Restoring Archived Orders

Restoring Archived Orders

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On occasion there might be a need to restore orders that have been archived or to 'unarchive' them. The Restore feature is enabled by default but can be disabled or re-enabled within the configuration settings by navigating to Stores → Configuration → CMINDS → Order Archive → Order Restoring Options.

To restore an order or orders go to the Orders List: Sales → Orders, locate the order that you would like to restore (see this → Help Article ← on how to view archived orders).

Check the box on the left of any order that you would like to unarchive.Next, go to the Actions drop down options above the table and Select Restore.

A popup modal will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to restore the selected archived orders. Click OK.

The orders list will open and a success message will appear above the list informing you that you have successfully restored the chosen Orders.

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