Product Questions M2 - Manage Product Questions (vendor side)

Managing Questions and Answers (as Vendor)

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The Vendor who's product is being purchased can manage questions as well as the Administrator based on permissions set by the Admin. The Vendor can Answer questions, Modify questions.

To manage questions as the Vendor, on the Vendor Panel navigate to Q&A.

Here you will find a list with all questions asked of this Vendor's products, including basic information about the author and related product.

Answering a Question

To answer a question asked of one of a vendor's products first identify the question that is to be answered. Then in the rightmost column click on the Edit Answer button.

The answer management form page will open. Type the Answer into the textbox labeled Answer *: 

For the question to appear on the Frontend click on the checkbox below the Answer field.

Finally click Save QA to save the changes.

Modifying a Question

On occasion a customer will ask a question that while relevant is badly worded or contains spelling or grammar mistakes that you may wish to fix. In this case the question can be modified.

Within the same form as questions are answered click on the text box labeled Question *: and make any changes to the question that are necessary.

With the changes made click the Save QA button at the bottom of the form.

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