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Creating Gift Cards

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Note that, in order to successfully create gift cards, the extension has to be properly configured. Read the guide Gift Card - Configuration for more information.

In order to create cards, please go to Sales → Manage Gift Cards in the Admin Panel. 

There are two options to generate cards: creating a single Free Gift Card or creating them in bulk (multiple at once). Both options can be accessed through the relevant buttons, highlighted below:

Creating a Single Gift Card

This straightforward screen allows you to create a single gift card. 

  • Balance - This number is a flat value in the store's currency. In the example above, US$ 10.
  • Type - Choose between Virtual and Physical. Learn more about card types: Gift Card Configuration guide
  • Email Card to Customer - If set to yes, an e-mail will be sent to the address defined below. It will include the card number, amount and the message defined below.
  • Email Address - Email of the customer.
  • Gift Message - It will be included at the body of the email.

Bulk Creating Gift Cards

Clicking this button will display a pop-up.

With it, you can define how many cards will be generated, their value and their type.

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