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Creating a Free gift and Discount offer

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The Free Gift and Discount extension is capable of adding a free gift and a discount to the same purchase when the customer's cart meet's conditions that you set. The process of creating this kind of offer is much the same as the process of adding a free gift to a purchase as outlined in this Help article.

To apply a free gift and a discount to the same order, while creating a new Shopping Cart Price Rule in Promotions → Shopping Cart Price Rule. Choose Actions from the menu on the lefthand side.

Enter the SKU of the product that you would like to offer as the free gift or choose it from the list by clicking the Product list button.

Next enter the discount amount in the input field labeled Discount Amount. This is a percentage of the cart total.

To limit the amount of the discount enter a number in the field labeled Maximum Qty Discount is Applied to.

Complete any other required fields to finish making the Shopping Cart Price rule as outlined in this Help article. Then click Save or Save and Continue Edit in the top right above the form to save the changes.

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