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Admin CIM Add-on

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What is The Admin CIM Add-on

The Admin CIM add-on provides the admin with the functionalities of the base plugin. 

It allows the admin to edit, save and manage customer’s credit card information and to create orders for a customer using this information. The admin can re-utilize customers’ saved cards in the  admin panel and is able to manage and delete them.

The admin is only able to view the last four digits of the credit cards' numbers. This is defined by and can prevent misuse of the data.

Enabling The Add-on

The add-on can be enabled or disabled in the path Admin Dashboard → Stores → Configuration → Sales → Payment Methods → Credit Card CIM ( → Admin CIM.

Using The Add-on

Creating an Order

When creating an order for a customer, the admin is able to select between all the saved credit cards assigned to that customer.

Adding a Credit Card

By choosing "Add New Card", the admin can input the card type, number, expiration date, verification number, and also save it for future transactions.

Managing and Deleting Credit Cards

By heading to the customer's profile → tab Manage Credit Cards (, the admin can view basic information of each card and delete them. Deleting a card also removes it from

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