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Handling RMA requests from vendor panel

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Should you prefer you can leave Vendors to handle RMA requests themselves. In this case it makes sense to enable Vendor RMA request email notifications, learn more about this in the article on Configuration.

From the Vendor Panel click on RMA from the main menu.The RMA view will open. Here any RMA requests that have been placed for products being sold by the vendor will be listed with important information such as the number of the RMA request the number of the Order that it pertains to, the date, the status and so on.

To process the request click on the View button in the row of the request you would like to process in the Actions column.An in detail page of the RMA request will display. Click on the Comments tab.A drop down option displaying the current status of the RMA request ('RMA Open' by default) will appear below the input field for comments. Optionally write a comment to the customer in response to the RMA request to go along with the action you are taking. Then choose the status you would like to change the RMA to. To notify the customer of the status change check the box below the drop down menu.Click Save Comment to save the changes.

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