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Handling RMA requests from admin panel

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The site administrator is capable of handling RMA requests from the admin panel. To do this navigate to RMA → List. The list of submitted RMA requests is displayed in a table.

To process an RMA request identify the request that is to be managed and click on Edit in the second column from the right.

In the General tab in the menu on the right (open by default) scroll down to the Details section and the Status drop down option. Select whichever option reflects the course of action you have chosen to take with the request.

You will be returned to the list of RMA requests on the Manage RMA page and a success message will appear at the top.

Depending on the Configuration settings the customer may receive an email notification to inform them of the change of status of their RMA request automatically. To learn more about configuring notification emails see this Help Article.

Approving RMA requests

When an admin changes the status to RMA Approved and the Request type was set to Refund the customer will automatically receive a refund for the money they sent provided they used an online payment method. This will generate a Credit Memo which can be viewed in the Credit Memo tab on the left.

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