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The CM  Advanced Permissions M2 allows the store admin to limit certain permissions to determined roles.

This can be useful for managing users with different permissions to different areas of the store.

A first step could be creating the roles "Inventories Admin", "Categories Admin", and "Customers Admin". Each would only have access to managing their respective fields.

A practical example in a clothing e-Commerce:

  • A "Shirts Admin" can be allowed to edit and delete only items in the "Shirt" category - not those in "Pants" or "Shoes".
  • A "Trending Admin" can only have editing permissions to items that he/she created.
  • A "Sales Admin" can only have access to Store Views related to holiday sales.

In the example above, if the "Shirts Admin" tries to delete a category outside of his/her scope, this message will show up:

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