Campaign Manager M2 - Troubleshooting


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This guide addresses common issues that might arise from improper configuration of the module.

"Please provide correct Facebook configuration"

This error messages can appear while attempting to create a campaign if the integration with Facebook has not been set properly.

To fix it, make sure that:

  • The integration was set properly.
  • You logged in to Facebook with an account that has permission to post on the desired Facebook Page.
  • You were prompted by a pop-up asking you to connect to Facebook and granted permission for the module to post for you.
    • If the pop-up doesn't appear or if there's no notification, it's likely that the browser blocked it. In that case, please check the browser's configuration. Quick reference for some popular browsers:  Chrome  , Firefox  , Internet Explorer 11.

"No cookie set or no OAuth data could be obtained from cookie"

T his error message will likely accompany the previous one. 

To fix it:

  • Make sure that the integration with Facebook was set properly.
  • Try refreshing Magento's cache.
  • Perform a cache refresh in the browser. This should override any outdated cookies that might be corrputing the installation.

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