WordPress Travel Map Plugin (CMMRM) - Overview

Maps Route Manager - Overview

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The WordPress Travel Map plugin by CreativeMinds is the perfect solution for adding feature-rich custom made route maps to your website. Whether you wish to create a city map following streets and footpaths or InterCity maps for highways, busses, and trains or even hiking or cross country routes. The WordPress Travel Map Plugin is right for you.

Routes examples on the map - WordPress Plugin Show Route
Routes examples on the map

Display Key route information

Depending on the type of route being created and it's purpose different information may be called for different situations. A running or walking route may require elevation to be displayed alongside the route. For a driving route, the overall distance and estimated travel time might be more appropriate.

Key route metrics can be displayed or hidden from routes. Depending on the preference of the administrator. Apply routes directly into posts or pages via a shortcode and decide how feature right or lightweight the route map should be.

Map with Elevation displayed on y_axis against distance on x_axis - Route Display WordPress
Map with Elevation displayed on y_axis against distance on x_axis
Map with Distance, Journey time and other metrics displayed - Route Display Plugin
Map with Distance, Journey time and other metrics displayed

Downloading and Sharing Routes

Allow Site visitors to download maps for use in GPS and Navigation devices or to conveniently recreate the map on their own website using the WordPress Travel Map plugin. Maps can be downloaded in KML and GPX format. It's also possible to provide an embed iframe code snippet so that your visitors can display routes that are on your site in other places such as their own websites or in social media.

Download and embed options - Travel Plugins For WordPress
Download and embed options

Different Modes of Travel

Use the selector below the map to choose which mode of travel to use between point A and point B. The route will choose the most appropriate way automatically and the elevation gain and lost will refresh depending on where the new route goes. Choose between Walking, Bicycling, Driving and Direct.

Choosing different travel modes - Add WordPress Plugin Of Travel Map
Choosing different travel modes

Add Route descriptions

For each route that is added to a map, a detailed route description can be added along with images of the route. Route images enlarge when clicked so Site Visitors can get a Google maps like experience right on your website while informing themselves with the information you provide them in the description. Route descriptions can be as long as you like and can contain links to related resources on your site or on external websites.

Route description - Travel Map Plugin
Route description
Route image enlarged over the route page - WordPress Plugins For Travel Website
Route image enlarged over the route page

Routes Index page Customization

The site administrator has several options for customizing the index page of the routes on the site. They can display routes as Tiles or lists, how wide tiles should be, whether routes should be stacked or clustered together. Choose whether to have one map displaying all the routes created, how many routes to show per page on the index page, whether routes thumbnails should be their first gallery image or a snapshot of the route. There are many more options for modifying the Routes index page to display as you would like in the settings page of the Plugin.

Clustered Routes / Stacked Routes - WordPress Plugins For Travel Blogs
Clustered Routes / Stacked Routes
Tiled View / List View - Travel Map WordPress Plugin
Tiled View / List View

Importing routes from GPS and Satnav devices

As well as using the Export feature to create map routes on your WordPress website to then export to a device for navigation purposes, devices that can save routes and export them to GPX or KML file formats can be used to create route files which can be imported to your website using the Map Routes Manager plugin. Go for your favorite run and track the way on your smartphone or use your Satnav in your car to track various School runs for your school then export them to your website.

Importing route from GPX file - WordPress + Map Show Route Between Markers
Importing route from GPX file

Backup your entire Routes Collection

The Import/Export feature allows for the entire collection of Routes to be exported as a Zip file. This can be used as a backup or to recreate the collection on another website running the Map Routes manager pro. The Zip file can also be unzipped to obtain individual KML files for use in devices or for use with third-party integrations.

Exporting all routes - WordPress Travel Map Plugin
Exporting all routes

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