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What is Table Rate Shipping

Table Rate is a shipping method that calculates shipping rates based on data inserted in a table. When it's enabled, during checkout the customer can opt for the cheapest possible rate based on:

  • "Weight v. Destination" (distance)
  • "Price v. Destination" (distance)
  • "# of Items v. Destination" (distance)

This guide will focus on possible uses of Table Rate Shipping. If you are looking for a broader explanation on Shipping Methods or if you would like to know how to configure them in your Magento store, please refer to the following guides: 

The same guides also explain how to import/export CSV files.

Things to Note About Table Rate Shipping in Magento

  • Only one set of table rate data can be active at a time.
  • Since virtual products, such as services, have no weight, they cannot change the result of a calculation that is based on the Weight v. Destination condition. They can, however, affect recalculation based on either "Price v. Destination" or "# of Items v. Destination".
  • If the handling fee is based on Percent, enter the whole number without the percent sign, as shown:

The Structure of the Table Rate CSV File

The CSV file has to follow some rules, as  explained by Magento:

Column fields:

  1. "Country": Has to contain a valid three-character ISO 3166-1 code for each row.
  2. "Region/State": Accepts the ISO 3166-2 standard, a two-character code. You can find a comprehensive list of these codes in the United Nation's website. Accepts asterisks (*).
  3. "Zip/Postal Code": Accepts asterisks (*).
  4. The selected shipping method
  5. "Shipping Price": Input without the currency

The asterisk (*) works as a wildcard to represent all possible character codes for each row.

Note: when filling the table, sort the data by Region/State so the specific locations are at the top of the list, and the wildcard locations at the bottom. This will ensure the data is processed in the right order.

Example CSV table

The following table shows a series of situations regarding  # of Items v. Destination. It can be imported to Magento if it's in CSV format.

Country Region/State Zip/Postal Code # of Items (and above) Shipping Price
USA FL 33125 0 0
USA FL * 2 1.99
USA FL * 0 0.99
USA * * 4 6.99
USA * * 2 4.99
USA * * 0 2.99

Expected Behaviors

Based on the given table, the following Shipping Prices are expected for each scenario:

Country stated in
Shipping Address
Table Rate Shipping
is Available?
State Zip Code Number of Items Shipping Price
Outside of the USA No - - - -
USA Yes Not Florida Any 1 2.99
USA Yes Not Florida Any 2-3 4.99
USA Yes Not Florida Any 4+ 6.99
USA Yes Florida Not 33125 1 0.99
USA Yes Florida Not 33125 2+ 1.99
USA Yes Florida 33125 Any 0

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