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Shipping Methods Configuration

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Before you proceed, make sure that you have configured the Shipping Settings establishing the point of origin for your store, and your preference for handling orders shipped to multiple addresses.

To do this navigate to  System → Configuration, and then SALES → Shipping Settings.

The next step is to configure your Shipping Methods according to Rates, Checkout page, and Carriers.

Checkout Page

When the customer reaches the checkout page, under Shipping Method, he or she will see the shipping costs defined by the admin in Supplier Marketplace and MultiShipping in the Shipping Methods section of the Configuration settings.

The Supplier Marketplace method allows the customer to choose among rates options, and the information about suppliers and their products kept hidden.

The multi shipping method allows the customer to choose from shipping costs defined by each supplier, as shown in the image below.

Supplier Marketplace

The image below is a snapshot of the configuration options available for the standard shipping method for Magento.

The Supplier Marketplace method also contains additional fields such as:  

Calculate shipping price based on • Total Shipping Cost of All Suppliers 
• Highest Value
Defines the method by which the shipping price is calculated.
It can be calculated according to the total shipping cost of all suppliers, or the maximum price of shipping.
Shipping cost for non-supplier products {Number value}
Customers can order products from different suppliers, or order products which weren’t created by the supplier but by the store admin. If any non-supplier products are ordered, this is the cost that will be added to the total shipping price.
Default shipping cost if the supplier does not set shipping prices
{Number value} It's the supplier’s responsibility to set the shipping price for each order made on their supplier account.
However, if the supplier fails to set a shipping price, the default set for this option will be added to the shipping total for his products.
Minimum price for supplier shipped supplier products {Number value} The minimum price of the total shipping costs.


The MultiShipping method allows customers to have their orders grouped by a vendor, therefore having different shipment information.


If you have a commercial account with a supported carrier, you can offer your customers the convenience of choosing that carrier during checkout. 

After configuring shipping settings to establish the point of origin for your store, complete the configuration for each carrier service that you want to offer. The rates are automatically downloaded, so you do not need to look up the information.

The configuration options vary for each carrier. However, all require that you first open a shipping account with the carrier, and enter your account number or user ID, and the gateway URL to their system into the configuration of your store.

Remember that the carrier settings can be defined by the admin only and are not customizable by the supplier. Therefore, suppliers can only customize their shipping methods and rates, not the carrier.

Finally, remember to Save the Configuration!

Defining Shipping Methods by Supplier

Besides the general configuration, the admin can also define specific shipping methods by supplier.

Navigate to Suppliers → Manage Suppliers and on the supplier's account information menu, select Shipping Costs.

On the next screen, as admin you'll be able to add a new method and/or enable and set the details according to each type of rate:

  • Flat rate is a fixed, predefined charge that can be applied per item, or per shipment.
  • Table rate shipping method lets you set up a table to calculate shipping rates for a combination of conditions. It can be based on Weight v. Destination, Price v. Destination or # of Items v. Destination.
  • Free shipping

Using Store Table Rates for non-supplier products

If the Store owner chooses they can add the option to offer Store table rates as a shipping method for non-supplier products. 

To do this, in the Admin Panel navigate to System Configuration Sales Shipping Methods. In Shipping Methods go to the Supplier Marketplace section and in the "Shipping cost for non-supplier products:" dropdown, choose "Based on Store Table Rates".

Remember you will need to upload the Store table rates CSV file. Do this from inside System Configuration, change the scope of the configuration to "Main Website". Here, once again under Sales and Shipping methods, In Table Rates Upload the file by clicking or dragging your Table Rates CSV to "Import".

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