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Enabling Product Categories For Suppliers

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A supplier can only add products if he/she is assigned to the related product categories. 

By default, categories are set as unavailable for suppliers in Supplier Frontend. That means suppliers have no categories assigned to them. This is necessary to ensure higher compatibility through diverse Magento versions.

Supplier Frontend enables you to easily set all categories as available. You can also fine tune each supplier's profile to remove or add any category.

Setting All Categories as Available for Suppliers

To perform this bulk action, follow the path Stores → Supplier Product Uploader → Tools. From there, simply click the Run button, as shown below:

Managing Categories' Availability for Each Supplier

To select which category is available for a given supplier, head to the Suppliers panel and click Edit, as shown:

To manage the supplier permissions to each category, go to the Assigned Categories panel. You can then enable or disable each category by checking or unchecking the box in the left side, as shown:

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