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CSV Import

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It's possible for new Sub Users to be added via CSV Import. This is particularly useful when large numbers of Sub Users must be added at once. The CSV Import method can also be used for editing existing Sub User accounts.

Adding new Sub Accounts

Navigate to Customers → Import Accounts. This will bring up the import page.

For an empty template CSV to get started click on " sample CSV". This can be opened in a spreadsheet editor and then exported with the data added.

Some instructions are given for how to fill out the different rows for a new product on the Import page.

  • customer_id - This should be left blank for adding new customers.
  • first_name - This row is where the Sub User's first name should be entered.
  • last_name - This row is where the Sub User's last name should be entered.
  • email - The Sub User's email address should be entered here.
  • password - Here a password for the Sub User should be assigned.
  • parent_customer_id - The sub-user needs to have a parent user or master user assigned the ID of the parent should be entered here.
  • permission - Using the following codes set the level of permission that the Sub User will have.
    • 1 - Read Only
    • 2 - Modify Account
    • 3 - Order Creation
    • 4 - Order Creation & Modify Account
    • 5 - Read Only/Approval needed

For the remaining columns use 1 to enable the setting and 0 to disable it.

Editing Sub Accounts

Editing Sub Accounts is done is the same way as adding new Sub Accounts with two minor differences.

The customer_id  of the Sub Account that you wish to edit should be entered rather than being left blank.

The password field should be left blank.

Note that you can add new customers and edit existing customers in the same CSV upload.

Be sure to also check the guide  Multi-User - Binding Customer to Sub Users.

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