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Extra Sub Accounts

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It is possible to bind customers to specific sub-users, and therefore have access to the corresponding account.

To enable the Extra Sub Accounts module, upload the module files to the Magento root folder. " Sub Account Configuration" Will now appear below the "General Options" and "Create New Sub-Account Options" sections.

In Customers Manage Customers, choose a Master User, then select the Sub Accounts tab.

Editing Sub Users can be done by clicking on " Edit" to the right of the Sub User's row as indicated below.

In the " Sub Account" menu, on the left is the 'Binded Customers' tab. Here Customers can be assigned to the Sub User account.

After assigning Customers to the Sub User login as the Sub User. In your Account links navigation, you will see a new link: 'Binded Customers'.

You can choose one of your assigned Customers and switch the session to their profile. You will then be logged in as the chosen Customer, and be able to process orders and other actions as them.

Assigning one Sub User to Multiple Masters

This is feature is possible by installing the  Multiple master sub-account module. This add-on also supports  moving  sub-accounts from one master account to another.

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