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Disclaimer: This tutorial requires PHP modification skills.

It's possible to change the default ways displayed in the Community form with the " cmbdc_form_data" filter.

This new way allows to group the fields in the sections, decide about their type, labels and whether or not they're mandatory.

	add_filter( 'cmbdc_form_data', array( __CLASS__, 'getBasicFormData' ) );

In the example function below we've added  a section of fields under the  fieldMap key of the array.

The structure required to add the fields is the following multi-level array:

  • top level array key is the label of the Section
  • top level value is the array with the following keys:
    • id - the id of the section (helpful for the styling)
    • fields - the array of arrays each describing one field:
      • field array consists of the following keys:
        • name - name of the data, it will be stored in the meta under this key
        • type - type of the rendered field, possible values are: text, date, textarea, select, confirm, checkbox, taxonomy
        • placeholder - the placeholder value for the input
        • mandatory - the field allowing to decide if it's required field (Y) or not (N)
        • value - the default value of the field
        • options - the array of key - value pairs eg. array( 'apple' => 'Apple') will display the Apple and the inputed value would be 'apple'
        • taxonomy - the slug of the taxonomy to display (only for 'taxonomy' type)
public static function getBasicFormData( $data = array() ) {
         * For testing purposes
        $data[ 'fieldMap' ] = array(
            '1 - User Details'            => array(
                'id'     => 'user_details',
                'fields' => array(
                        'name'        => 'cmbd_username',
                        'type'        => 'text',
                        'placeholder' => 'Username',
                        'mandatory'   => 'Y'
                        'name'        => 'cmbd_email',
                        'type'        => 'text',
                        'placeholder' => 'E-mail',
                        'mandatory'   => 'Y',
                        'value'       => ''
return $data;
    After these fields are added to the form they will overwrite the default business fields.

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