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To enable or disable the Product Return RMA extension navigate to  SystemConfiguration Sales RMA.

Enabled - Sets the RMA extension to on or off.

New Rma Confirmation Sender - Defines who the RMA confirmation email will be from.

New Rma Confirmation Template - Defines the Template that will be used for the RMA confirmations emails that are sent by the extension when the RMA request has successfully been sent.

Updated Rma Confirmation Template - Defines the Template that will be used for any updates to the RMA that has been requested including a successfully submitted RMA.

Send Rma Email Copy To - Sets the email or emails that the site Administrator would like to send copies or confirmation and updated Confirmation emails to. For more than one recipient email addresses should be separated by a comma.

Send Rma Email Copy Method - Defines whether the RMA email should be a BCC (blind carbon copy) or else a completely new email. In either case the recipients of the copies will not be visible to the main recipient.

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