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Adding the FedEx Shipping Method (Supplier Side)

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The FedEx Shipping Add-On for the CM Multi-Vendor Marketplace Magento platform allows the vendor to set his/her origin address to calculate shipping costs while using the admin's FedEx account.

Highlighted Features:

  • Integrates the Magento store with FedEx Web Services.
  • The vendor can create shipping and labels directly from his Vendor Panel.
  • It's possible to track orders directly from the admin panel.

General Usage

Creating a FedEx Shipping Method

The supplier can customize his FedEx shipping method the same way as the traditional methods available in Marketplace.

In order to create the new shipping method, follow these steps:

  1. At Vendor Panel, navigate to Settings → Shipping Methods
  2. Click "Add New" button
  3. Select FedEx option (supplier can change the Method name if desired)
  4. Save Settings

For more information on default rates and general configuration of shipping methods, please read Multi-Vendor Marketplace -  Shipping Method Configuration (Admin Side) and Manage Shipping Methods (Supplier Side) articles.

Printing Labels 

Labels can be print individually. If the shipment is tracked by FedEx, the label will be automatically fetched.

To do print a label, view the information of the order and click on Print Label under tracking code, as highlighted:

Customer Side

When the module is enabled and properly configured, the customer will be able to choose among FedEx shipping options automatically calculated for his/her and supplier's origin ZIP code.

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