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The Multiple Products per Vendor feature allows the admin to set how customers will see a product with different suppliers at your store.

  • Multiple Vendors per Product: define if the feature is enabled or not. In affirmative case, multiple products from different vendors assigned to the same product can be arranged according the following field.
  • Show these Products depends on:
    • Sort Level: will show first product with the lowest sort level (product attribute can be set by Admin to each products)
    • Lower Price: will show first product with the lowest price
    • Supplier Rating: will show first product is assigned to supplier with the highest rating

Finally, remember to  Save the Configuration!

Store Visibility of Multiple Products

The admin can check products status and visibility at Suppliers Products list, via Catalog → Supplier Products.

When Multiple Products feature is enabled, only 1 product will be visible to customers at the frontend. The image below shows the example when the 'Lower Price' condition was chosen, so the cheapest product has visibility 'Catalog, Search' while the others have 'Not visible Individually'.

Besides the condition defined on Product Settings, the admin is able to set one of the products as 'Main' and this product will be shown to customers, despite of what was set previously.

For the same example above it is possible to see the change in visibility when a specific product is ' Set as Main'.

At the store, customer will find only the product with visibility "Catalog, Search".

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