CSV Address Import - General Usage

General Usage (Customer Side)

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When a customer adds more than one product to the cart and is both logged in and registered, he or she will be able to click on the 'Checkout with Multiple Addresses' link in the bottom right of the Shopping Cart page.

Regular Mode

On the next screen, the customer will be able to add a new address or click the 'Import new addresses' button to upload the CSV file.

On the ' Import New Addresses' page the customer can also download a sample CSV file.

Sample CSV file

After clicking upload, the customer can match the address to specific fields types to check if all information is accurate before being uploaded.

When the CSV is successfully imported, under the 'SEND TO' column there will be a drop down list for each product with all the uploaded addresses.

Ajax Mode

If the Ajax Mode was enabled by the admin, the extension will work in pop-up mode so that the data and addresses can be added via pop-up.

Upload screen with Ajax mode

Matching columns screen with Ajax mode

Confirmation screen with Ajax mode

Managing Addresses

The list of registered addresses can be easily viewed and edited at the ' Address Book' section under 'My Account' menu.

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