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Enable MultiAdress Checkout

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In order for the Customer CSV Address Import extension to work, the option of shipping to multiple addresses must be enabled.

Please navigate to System → Configuration, then on the left menu SALES → Shipping Settings, make sure that 'Allow Shipping to Multiple Addresses' is set to Yes.

Enable CSV Import module

After allowing shipping to multiple addresses, is time to enable the extension.

At the Admin Panel you can access the main configuration screen by clicking,  System → Configuration, and on the left menu: CMINDS → Address Upload.

The main configuration screen is broken down into 3 sections with Yes/No options:

Enabled • Yes
• No
Choose whether or not the module will be active.
Ajax Mode • Yes
• No
Choose if the extension will be shown in pop-up mode or regular mode.
Include Bootstrap • Yes
• No
If pop-up mode was chosen, it is necessary to include bootstrap.

Finally, always remember to Save the Configuration!

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