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Settings - Setup


  • Starting from July 2018, Google Maps, Routes, and Places require billing information, such as an associated credit card.
  • The pricing system also changed, but in practice, the services are still free for limited use.

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Navigate to the Admin Dashboard CM Maps Route Manager Pro  Settings. Then click on the Setup tab.

Setup settings - WordPress Plugin Show Route
Setup settings

API Keys

In this section, you can add the necessary API Keys for the WordPress Travel Map plugin to function properly. Scroll down in Setup to the API Keys section.

Still Needs API Key?

If you still haven't obtained the Google Maps or OpenWeatherMap API keys, check our guide.

Note that, starting from July 2018, all Google Maps projects require billing information to work. Read more: General Support - API - Google Maps "For development purposes only" Message

Field for adding Google Maps API key - Route Display WordPress
Field for adding Google Maps API key

Change Google Maps Language

Since the version 4.9.1, you can change the language of Google Maps on your site. You can choose the language in the option Google Maps Language.

Choosing Google Maps language - Route Display Plugin
Choosing Google Maps language


Navigation settings - Travel Plugins For WordPress
Navigation settings
  • Permalink prefix - Enter the prefix of the index and locations' permalinks. The default is "maps-routes". This can be useful for SEO purposes, as it allows tailored URLs. For example, if your site is called Best Maps, you can set the prefix as "best-maps". The result will be /best-maps/map-slug.

    Respect permalink structure  - Makes the maps permalinks more specific. In technical terms, this setting enables with_front=true option for the registered post type


    • When enabled:
      • site.com/blog/maps-routes/map1
      • site.com/blog/map-routes/map2
    • When disabled
      • site.com/map1
      • site.com/map2 
  • Exclude from search - Enable to hide the maps from search engines, like Google. Useful for staging sites.
  • Enable right to left language - Enable if your site uses an RTL language, such as Arabic, Hebrew or Urdu. In technical terms, the plugin will add the CSS class "cmloc-rtl" in the body tag.

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