CM Maps Route Manager (CMMRM) - Settings - Setup

Settings - Setup

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Maps Route Manager  Settings. Then click on the Setup tab.

API Keys

It is necessary to obtain a Google Maps App Key for the Route Manager Plugin to function properly. Scroll down in Setup to the "API Keys" section.

Google Maps App Key

Enter the Google Maps Server App Key.  Get the API key from here. (the link is also available on the right of the API Keys section of the page in the Admin Panel on WordPress as seen above. To check that the key is ok click the "Test Configuration" button.

Make sure that this is the Server Key (not browser key) and you've activated the following APIs for the Google app:

  • JavaScript API
  • Directions API
  • Elevation API
  • Geocoding API
  • Static Maps API
  • Places API

The  Google Maps Server App Key has usage limits which are explained here: If your site generates large amounts of traffic and more than 25,000 map loads per day, you will need to sign up for Google Maps API for Work. You can then get volume pricing, technical support from Google, and more. In addition, Google Map Directions also has usage limits. Read more here:

With the free Google Maps API you get

  • 2,500 free directions requests per day
  • Up to 23 waypoints allowed in each request containing an API key, or up to 8 waypoints when no API key is supplied 
    Waypoints are not available for transit directions
  • 50 requests per second

To provide your users with better experience and also be able to create routes with many points in a route, you will need to enable billing or sign up for  Google Maps API for Work API Key

To add weather details to maps, Obtain an API Key the same way you did the Google Maps one. To obtain the API key create account and login to

Enter the API key.  Get the API key from here.


Enter the prefix of the index and routes permalinks, eg. maps-routes will give permalinks such as: /maps-routes/paris-trip.

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