Custom Coupons - General Usage

Creating Coupons

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In order to create a promotion and related coupons, please access Promotions → Shopping Cart Price Rules and click Add New Rule.

Rule Settings

When setting your new promotion, you can choose to use a specific coupon code or a range that can be generated automatically (for that, select "Use Auto Generation" as indicated bellow).

Coupon Codes Settings

After saving your new Rule, there will be a new tab on the left menu called Manage Coupon Codes.

In this window you can set the coupons details. 

After clicking "Generate", the coupons from the example above will look like the following image.

Managing Coupons And Tracking Errors

In the Manage Coupon Codes tab is also possible to check the status of each coupon in a specific promotion / rule.

This table also shows how many times each error message was displayed for each coupon.

Error Messages for the Rule

With this feature it is possible to set error messages specific to each rule.

Error messages not customized for a specific rule/promotion will prompt the default text set on module Configuration. For more details, please read  Custom Coupons - Configuration article.

Finally, always remember to Save your settings!

Get more information about the Custom Coupons Error Message Extension for Magento®.

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