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How Plugin Works

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The CM User Registration for Downloads Manager AddOn for WordPress supports adding a user registration form to your WordPress website.

Once users register using this form they are automatically assigned to a pre-defined CMDM user group which applies access restrictions to the content available through the download manager.

This access restriction can include ability to upload documents, ability to view specific categories or downloads available. 

User Registration Invitation Codes Support

The Addon also provide a tool to generate invitation codes which are unique to each user group. When used, all your website site registration will require is using the registration code provided so users can not bypass the need for an invitation code.

Create registration form

The registration form widget can be placed in any page or post by adding the shortcode  [cmdm-registration].

While creating a new users group AddOn will generate special registration code.

In order to add new user automatically to specific group its registration code should be entered in the right field of the registration form.

After user registration, new user is assigned to the right group (based on the registration code).

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