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Customer View

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Upon activating the delivery date module, customers will be able to set a chosen delivery date in the  Shipping Method section of checkout.

After choosing a shipping method, beneath the shipping cost the customer can pick the delivery date.

This can be done either by manually typing the date or by choosing it from the calendar that appears.

The customer can optionally choose different delivery dates for each product in their cart if products are from different vendors.

Supplier View

When a customer successfully completes his or her order, the supplier will receive information about this order in their dashboard ( Order → Order List).

The supplier can see the delivery dates selected by the customer for each of the products in the order and then know exactly which dates he or she will need to deliver the product.

Admin View

Inside Order View, there will be a new column under the Items Ordered section that also displays the delivery date selected by the customer for that order.

Next Day Delivery Email notifications

The Admin can set whether or not to send out email notifications the day before deliveries are due to arrive. To learn how to set this see the  Configuration article for delivery dates.

The Email received by the customer can be seen below.

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