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License Activation

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To enable the Extension please fill the license field that you will find in  System → Configuration → CM Magento Extensions and click on "Save Config". 

Settings (Admin Panel)

Admin can create shipping restrictions for each individual product on their site and these shipping restrictions will be shown to customers before checkout.

When the module is enabled, please go to Catalog → Manage Products and click on the product you wish to edit.

In "General" tab you will notice new fields and the admin will be able to specify for each product:

  • Zip Code- Support the ability to add multiple restricted zip codes per a specific item in your store catalog
  • State – Support the ability to add multiple restricted states per a specific item in your store catalog
  • Country – Support the ability to add multiple restricted countries per a specific item in your store catalog

Notifications (Store View)

When customers try to add a shipping address which has restrictions set for a specific product in their cart, notifications will be prompt in the situations shown below.


When customer enters his or her shipping address in the “ Estimate shipping and tax”  box in the Cart page.

Then he/she will receive a notification about the restricted shipping in the shipping estimate results and in the list of items in the cart.


The Shipping Restriction extension prevents customers from completing the checkout process when restricted products are found in the cart.

In the checkout process the customer will not be able to select a shipping method due to the restriction together with the restriction notice.

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