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The Shipping Restriction Extension for Magento® allows the addition of detailed shipping restrictions per each product found in your store catalog. The shipping restriction module creates a list of all banned zip codes, states and countries where products cannot be delivered.

When a user tries to add a shipping address which has restrictions set for one of the products in his cart, he will receive a notification in the shopping cart itself and in the checkout saying the product has a shipping restriction. This will prevent him from finishing the checkout process with the restricted product and keep restricted goods from being sold.

Benefits of the Magento ® Shipping Restriction Extension:

  • Shipping Restricted Products– Specify store products with shipping restrictions
  • Zip Code Restrictions- Add multiple restricted zip codes per a specific item in your store catalog
  • Shipping Restrictions by State- Add multiple restricted states per a specific item in your store catalog
  • Shipping Restriction by Country- Support the ability to add multiple restricted countries per a specific item in your store catalog
  • Notification on the Cart Page – Shows user a notification next to the restricted product in the cart
  • Notification on Estimate Shipping Area –  Shows user a notification next to the shipping calculation once address is submitted
  • Notification During the Checkout Process –  Shows user a notification during the checkout process
  • Block the Purchase – Prevent the user from completing the checkout process when restricted products are found in the cart
  • Multi-Vendor Integration– Works great with the CM Marketplace extension for vendor shipping restrictions

The following video provides an overview of the Shipping Restriction Extension for Magento®.

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