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With the WordPress File Manager plugin, you can easily include a disclaimer that asks users to agree to your terms when they visit your downloads for the first time.

A download disclaimer is a short text that states the terms and conditions for using your site’s download area. The admin can control the visibility and functionality of their WordPress download area disclaimer, and add the text of both the disclaimer itself and the accept/reject buttons.

WordPress Forum Disclaimer Settings:

First, navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Downloads Pro → Settings → General tab. Find there the Disclaimer section. There you will see the following options:

Disclaimer settings - WordPress Document Management
Disclaimer settings
  • Shot disclaimer for first time users - Enable this option if you want the disclaimer to be visible to the download area first time users.
  • Show disclaimer only for logged in users - Enable this option if you want the disclaimer to be displayed only for logged in users. This option works only if the previous option is enabled. Note: this option was introduced in version 4.4.4.
  • Disclaimer Text - Write and edit the text of your download area disclaimer, as appears in a text box shown below. This text can modified at any given time and as needed.
  • Disclaimer Accept Button text and Disclaimer Reject Button text - Write and edit the labels appearing on each of these two buttons. These labels can also be modified at any given time.

Example on the Front-end:

Front-end example of the disclaimer - File Manager WordPress
Front-end example of the disclaimer

What should I include in my Download disclaimer?

A download area disclaimer is a short text that states the terms and conditions for using your site’s download area. Users need to accept your terms before downloading files.

You can include terms of use information, and also additional information about the type of information you provide and collect in your download area. It's important to use a clear language to ensure your audience understands all the implications of utilizing your service.

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