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The WordPress Client Zone add-on creates a restricted area on your site to easily manage files between users. Site users can view, upload, or download files and administrators can monitor when files are added. This WordPress plugin makes it simple to manage clients on an exclusive dashboard and streamline things like document transfers, videos or payment.

Installing the Plugin

The Download and File Manager plugin is as easy to install as any other WordPress plugin! If you are unfamiliar with the plugin installation, you can use this step-by-step guide.

After installing the Download and File Manager plugin you should also install the WordPress Client Zone add-on.

Activation the license of both the Download and File Manager plugin and the WordPress Client Zone add-on is essentials. Please visit CM Downloads Pro license section to activate them.

Activating the license keys - Customer Portal WordPress
Activating the license keys

Getting Started with the WordPress Client Zone

After downloading and installing the plugin on your WordPress site, you should first log into your admin dashboard and visit the CM Downloads Pro settings.

General plugin settings - WordPress Customer Portal Plugin
General plugin settings

Before starting to use the plugin, please check the Server Information tab found in the User Guide section of the plugin menu.

Checking the server information - WordPress Plugin for Customer Portal
Checking the server information

In order for the plugin to work properly, your server information should display the following information: 

  • PHP version greater than 5.3
  • PHP cURL is On
  • GD support enabled
  • PHP upload size greater than 1M

More information about the WordPress Client Zone plugin

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