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Setting Up The CM Client Download Zone

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For compatibility purposes, while the CM Client Download Zone is active, the Download page from CM Download Manger is disabled. This also interrupts some features, such as:
  • Ratings
  • Integration with MicroPayments

Step 1 - Use Shortcode or Default Page

The client zone is generated using the shortcode  [client-download-zone] or by going to the default CM Download page created by the plugin once installed.

Learn more about shortcodes.

Learn more about the default CM Download page

Step 2 - Add the Two Widgets To The Sidebar

You also need to go to the plugin widgets area and add both the Client and Admin widgets to your defined sidebar container. Both widgets are needed as they includes the client zone navigation tools.

And What If My Theme Doesn't Have a Sidebar?

Some themes may not provide a sidebar to place widgets on. That is not a problem. The CM Client Download Zone provides new widget areas called "CMCDZ before content" and "CMCDZ after content" so, even if there's no sidebar, the admin can add those widgets to these areas in order to display the upload options. 

Important Note

When you purchase this plugin, you receive the  Download Manager plugin as a base, to be installed on your site and be used alongside the plugin. Many of the settings for the Download Manager apply to the Client Download Zone plugin.

Please refer to the CM Download documentation for an overview of relevant settings. 

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