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CreativeMinds Sales Rep Commission Manager is a sophisticated utility built to aid an important function of every manager’s job: determining and maximizing employee efficacy. 

With our module, you can obtain a wealth of information regarding your sales representatives performance, such as their sales, return percentages, commissions earnings, and even trends in their selling ability. 

With our new Deluxe Edition, you can also obtain information on the efficacy of your managers, and reward them for the performance of their teams. 

Needless to say, the features have a myriad of uses ranging from friendly office competitions to bonus and promotion decisions, and can even serve as grounds for rightful termination of an underperformer.

Tips & tricks

  • If you don’t want to pay commissions on returned orders (this is entirely up to your policy as a business owner), we suggest generating reports and paying commissions for the time period you accept returns.

    Otherwise, you might pay a commission on an order that is later returned, and have to retroactively subtract that amount. Due to the complexity of this process and the variances in return periods, we were unable to include this in the software. 
  • From our experience, it is best to let employees see each other’s sales as a motivational technique. If employees have different commission rates, it’s up to you.

    Generally, an organization increases the commission rate based on a sales bracket – i.e. 2 consecutive months of $50,000 sales. If every employee has an equal opportunity to reach the higher commission brackets, it can be highly motivational for them to see other employees’ earnings.

    If, however, the different commission rates are based on other factors that employees have no control over, it’s better to only show them names.

    We actually don’t recommend showing employees their earnings only, because it takes away the competitive spirit and is like competing at a track event where each lane is divided by a visual barrier – where is the fun or motivation in that? 
  • Please be extremely diligent in marking orders when they are returned or canceled.
    Make sure that the commission status is moved appropriately so that you don’t end up paying an employee a commission for an order that never materialized.
  • Likewise, we recommend deselecting all “pending” and “awaiting” statuses (i.e. orders that haven’t actually been paid) when generating the report that will actually result in a check.

    Unless you’re very generous, you probably don’t want to give commissions to employees for orders they don’t actually close!
  • On that note, you should also be diligent in marking commission statuses “paid” – unless you feel like unofficially doubling your employees’ commission rate by paying twice!
  • The bottom line is to make sure you are cautious and use the software correctly! 

Feedback & Support

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