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Manage Q&A (Vendor Panel)

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When Product Questions module is enabled, Supplier Dashboard will present a new tab called Q&A.

There the supplier will see a list of all questions that have been asked about their products, along with Product id (which includes a hyperlink directly to that product page) and all related information.

Click on 'Edit Answer' button and under 'Manage your Answer' form, the supplier can change the author name, rephrase the question and edit and manage the answer. 

The supplier can also choose to make the question and answer visible on the frontend or not.

When the supplier checks the box for 'Visibility On Frontend', he or she allows this specific Question/Answer to be visible on the Product Page.

Please remember that if the Admin Approval was set to be required ( Marketplace - Q&A - Configuration), the Q&A will be visible only after the admin approves it at the Admin Panel.

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