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When Product Questions module is enabled, the 'Ask your question' form will be added automatically at the the bottom of each Product Page.

Customers can enter their name and type out the question they want to ask. 

When the customer clicks the  'Ask a question' button, the question will be sent to both the admin and the supplier of that product.

Please note that the question form may differs depending on whether the client is online or not. 

When the Customer is not logged in there are additional fields for Name and reCAPTCHA.

If the user is logged in, he or she can simply ask questions by filling the ' Your Question' field, and all required information about who asked the question will be available in Admin Panel or in the correspondent Vendor Panel.

If you wish to customize this form view, it can be easily done with CSS styles.


The next section shows questions that have been answered by the admin or supplier and approved to be visible at the Product Page.

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