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One of the most anticipated features of our Deluxe Edition is the ability to assign specific commission rates to individual products

This allows you to incentivize representatives to sell particularly profitable products (either permanently or temporarily). 

It also allows you to prevent losing money on products with tight margins. Once a commission rate is changed, past orders will not be affected. 

If you do not wish for a product to have a special commission rate, you can simply leave it blank and the default commission rate will be used. 

Changing the commission rate on a specific product

To change the commission rate of a specific product:

  1. Navigate to Catalog Manage Products 
  2. Select the Product you wish to modify 
  3. Click the Commission Settings tab on the left 
  4. Input the custom commission rate you wish to use
  5. Click “Save” on the top right 
  6. Repeat for each of the products you wish to override

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