CM Curated RSS Aggregator (CMCRA) - How It Works

How It Works

CM Curated RSS Aggregator displays list of links gathered from RSS feed/feeds. Feeds are assigned to categories which are organized into lists (each category can have a single feed assigned to it).

Quick Setup

  1. To create simple links list go to Admin Panel -> Curated RSS Aggregator and click List. Create new list.
  2. Then, go to Categories and create a new one. Write category title, pass the feed URL and write the feed name. Connect category to the related lists and click on Add New Category.
  3. While editing a category, it's possible to filter the content by using match keywords and exclusion keywords. Only content that has the match keywords and doesn't have the exclusion keywords will be shown.or example, you can set a feed to only include items that have the word soccer in them by inputing "soccer" as a positive keyword. And, by writing "international, league" in the negative keywords field, articles with the words "international" or "league" will be left out.

    The effect of positive and negative words can be combined. With this example, only content without the words "international" and "league" and with the word "soccer" will be displayed. This assures that you can display links which are dealing with specific topic.
  4. Paste the shortcode [cm_aggregator] to your post/page. 
    You can also display specific lists by using the list attribute. For instance, the following would only show the "Test List" list:  [cm_aggregator list="Test List"].

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