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Showing a Feed List Using Shortcode

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TIP: What Are Shortcodes

Shortcodes add dynamic content to your site via a small piece of code.

Learn more: Shortcodes - How To Use | Finding ID of Post/Page/Other Content


Users can embed lists on posts and pages by applying a shortcode. It's necessary to specify lists or categories on it.


Attribute Is Obligatory

Using simply [cm_rss_aggregator] won't show anything.

It's necessary to specify lists or categories on it. This is done by writing them down as attributes:


  • Shortcode attributes:
    • list - Displays single or multiple lists
      • E.g. single list [cm_rss_aggregator list="list_name"]
      • E.g multiple lists  [cm_rss_aggregator list="list_name1", list_name2"]
    • category - Displays single category list. 
      • E.g. [cm_rss_aggregator category="category_name"]
    • max_links - Optional links limit (set 0 to remove limit). 
      • E.g. [cm_rss_aggregator max_links="5"]
    • scroll - Enables or disables scrolling when you click on the pagination button. 0 disables it, 1 enables it. (Added in version 1.2.0)
      • E.g. [cm_rss_aggregator scroll="0"]
      • E.g. [cm_rss_aggregator scroll="1"]


Using Categories Slugs for Shortcodes

When using the shortcode to display a specific category, you should use the slug name instead of the category name.

[cm_rss_aggregator category=CATEGORY_NAME max_links=MAX_LINKS]

You can verify the slug name by editing the category.

Using Tags and Categories Parameters

You can show several categories or tags using parameters. 

For categories you can use [cm_rss_aggregator category=category1,category2,...]

For tags you can use   [cm_rss_aggregator tag=tag1,tag2,...]

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