CM Curated RSS Aggregator (CMCRA) - TroubleShooting


If you don't manage to get the feed to display as expected, please follow these troubleshooting suggestions

There are no RSS Links in category

  • Wait a couple of minutes if the category was just added
  • Check if Feed URL is a valid feed. Use to validate feed
  • Verify if feed items meet match and exclusion keywords requirements
  • Verify that in the feed there are items that are newer than the feed entries presentation duration
  • Make sure your license is active

Some RSS Links are missing

  • Check your match and exclusion keywords
  • Check feed entries presentation duration (overdue items are skipped)

The Shortcode is displaying a red error

  • Use [cm_rss_aggregator] without any parameters to check if plugin is working
  • Read shortcodes help section in plugin options to customize shortcodes
  • Make sure your license is active

The Shortcode is not displaying some categories

  • Categories with no RSS Links are always hidden (there is no error)
  • Check if shortcode parameters allow category (details in shortcodes help section in plugin options) 
  • Make sure you are using category slug and not category name 

No Image is Shown

Please read the dedicated guide Troubleshooting - No Image Is Shown.

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