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Plugin Options

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Navigate to Admin Panel → Curated RSS Aggregator Pro → Options.

Click on the  Plugin Options tab.

Here are options for the RSS Links list.


  • Erase all data in CM RSS Aggregator - Click the button Cleanup database if you want to delete all data created by the plugin: Lists, Categories, RSS Links and Tags. Be careful, as this action is not be cancelled. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.4.9.
  • Reset all options in CM RSS Aggregator - Click the button Reset all options if you want to reset all plugin settings to the default values. Be careful, as this action is not be cancelled. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.4.9.
  • Number of columns - Number of columns generated by the plugin in the list view shortcode.
  • Max number of links - Maximal number of links displayed in categories. This setting can be overridden with shortcode attribute max_links.
  • Items per page - Choose how many items will be displayed per page (this feature is also called pagination). Leave this field empty to show all items on the same page.
  • No follow - Attribute rel="nofollow" will be added to all links on the list. This is important to your overall site SEO.
  • Open in a new window or tab - Linked documents will be opened in a new window or a tab.
  • Show favicons - Displays the icon of the website. Learn more: Favicon - Wikipedia.
  • Link favicons to source - Makes the favicon link to the source, instead of the feed item.
  • Show subtitles - Show subtitles with description under links.
  • Show tooltips - Show tooltips with description on links hover.
  • Show thumbnails - Show thumbnails from feeds in links.
  • Show thumbnails before title - Displays the image before the title instead of after.
  • Show big image - Shows a big image instead of thumbnails.
    Enabling this option allows you to set default thumbnails for each category. Learn more: Categories - Creating and Showing on Website
  • Big image placement - Only has an effect if "Show big images" is enabled. Choose between:
    • After the content - The default setting.
    • Before the content - Before title and description.
    • On the left side - Wraps the content around the image.
  • Show sources - Show RSS feeds name under links.
  • Show dates - Show dates under links.

Below: Front-end list view with descriptions.

Search and Filter

  • Show search and filter - Show upper search field and categories filter
  • Allow user to hide/show categories filter - Affects the Front-End
  • Show additional information - Show additional information below search field
  • Search input placeholder - The default label is "Search ..."
  • Additional information format - Additional information displayed below search field. Use {last-update-date} placeholder to display list last update date and {links-count} to display number of links. You can user HTML entities (for example <br /> or <code>) to customize information format.

Below: Front-end list view with descriptions.

Links order

You can order the links by:

  • name ascending (reverse alphabetical order)
  • name descending (alphabetical order)
  • date ascending
  • date descending

Social Features

There are two main social features:

Social Buttons

Displays the share button for a series of social networks.

  • Settings
    • Show/Hide - Displays social buttons
    • Social networks - Choose between Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr and Buffer.

Like Button

Adds a "Like" counter for each entry.


  • Show/hide - Displays the like button

"NEW" Tag

This feature allows you to automatically add a tag to new or recently edited links for a specified time.

  • Tag - NEW tag - Choose a tag to be added to new or updated links entries. Leaving this field empty will disable the feature
  • Duration - How long the NEW tag will be attached. If the NEW tag is assigned directly to the link, this option will not affect displaying it

Advanced Options

This screen also has advanced options. Learn more:

CM Curated RSS Aggregator (CMCRA) - Options - Advanced (User Agent, Debug)

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