CM Curated RSS Aggregator (CMCRA) - Options - Advanced (User Agent, Debug)

Advanced Plugin Options

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Navigate to Admin Panel → Curated RSS Aggregator → Options.

Click on Plugin Options tab.

The last options are directed to advanced users.

RSS Feed Fetching

  • Keywords exact match - Enable to take capital letters into account when searching for keywords
  • User agent - Choose the default User Agent used to fetch the feed. Learn more about User Agents.
  • Fetch delay - Set an interval in seconds between each fetch attempt. Set a value higher than zero if servers are sending "rate limit exceeded" responses

Debug Mode

  • RSS Aggregator plugin debug more - Enable to log ever fetch event and feed server responses
  • Log file lines limit - Limit the length of the log files

Accessing Logs

To access the logs, click on the Plugin Diagnostics tab.

And then Show log

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