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Managing Promotions

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To see the list of promotions or to create a new one, please go to Promotions → Shopping Cart Price Rules.

Creating Promotions

The Free Sample Products Promotion Extension allows you to create two types of promotions:

  • Promotion with Free Samples that customers can choose in their cart
  • Promotion with Free Samples that are auto added to customer's cart

Promotion with Free Samples that customers can choose

Fill the Rule Information and go to Conditions tab.

Click on the green '+' button and choose for example "Products sub-selection".

Now you can configure your conditions. In the example shown below, the coupon will work if customer has one or more products with SKU equals to "hbm000" in his or her cart.

When the conditions are ready you can go to Actions tab.

Please choose "Buy item X get item Y or Z (Customer Select)" and choose if Promo items should be free.

In the "Apply the rule.." field, you may choose the Free Samples by clicking the check boxes.

Please remember to set the condition in the same way as you can see the example below → "SKU is ...."

Remember to Save Condition and it will be ready to use by customer!

Customer cart View

For the same example above, if customers  want  to buy the Product with "hbm000"  Sku  and type the special code for this coupon they will see the popup to choose the Free Samples!

The popup screen is easy to customize with c ss  styles.

Promotion with Free Samples auto added to cart

Configuration for this promotion is almost the same as previous one. The only difference is that you need to choose "Buy item X get item Y(s) (Auto add to cart)" in the Apply dropdown.

When customer fulfills all coupon conditions and apply the coupon, free samples will be automatically added to his or her cart. 

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