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The  Custom Order Status Extension for Magento® allows you to hide the default order statuses and create new ones as to include customized information. The end result is the ability to organize your orders more effectively and run reports to see which orders are in what combination of statuses. 

The module separates the “Payment” status from the “Shipping” status and removes the limit on the number of status categories you can add. 

Custom Order Status Extension Features:
  • Change Magento Order Status: Change order status to any custom status
  • Customize Order Statuses: Specify & add custom order status titles
  • Admin Order Tracking: Admin can track orders through back-end of store
  • Track Orders: Sort and track orders by date, time, and status
  • Order Management: Manage multiple orders at various stages to keep your store running smoothly
  • Unlimited Order Statuses: Create an unlimited number of status categories
  • Design: Intuitive design & interface
  • Shipping and Payment Statuses: Allows separation of shipment and payment statuses
  • Update Order Status: Auto-update both shipping & payment status on cancellation, shipment, etc.
  • Custom Reporting: Custom report sorts orders by status variations (i.e. shipped/unpaid, etc.)
  • View Shipping & Payment Statuses: Shows dual order statuses (Shipment & Payment) in Order Grid
  • Customer View: Show customers both shipping and order status in order detail page
  • Order Update Emails: Email updates inform customers of both shipping and order status

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