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Dashboard Settings

From the WordPress Dashboard go to CM Video Lessons Manager Pro  Settings. Click on the Dashboard tab.

It's possible to add a dashboard for site users. In each tab you can have different information shown to the users by inserting either a shortcode or text to the tab in the settings. Displaying the dashboard to the user is done using a shortcode.

Dashboard will be displayed on any page or post using the shortcode  [cmvl-dashboard].

Dashboard page - Select the page which will display the user's dashboard (using the cmvl-dashboard shortcode) or choose "-- create new page --" to create such page.

Show dashboard after login - If enabled, users after login to Wordpress will be redirected to the Dashboard page by default.

Dashboard tabs - The tabs that will appear in the dashboard can be named and their shortcodes added here. To rearrange them click and hold the space between the title and the space for the shortcode and drag them up or down.

Below: Dashboard view on frontend.

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