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Admin Page

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As Admin you can manage your subscription plans by accessing  System → Manage Subscription Plans

Here you will find a grid with all plans that you have created.

Add New Plans

To add a new plan please click on the 'Add new' button. You will see the form where you may set name and price of the plan.

 Also, you may choose how many products suppliers may add and how many images per products will be available for them.

Attach Plans to Suppliers

As shown in the  General Configuration article, in  System  → Configuration you may choose a default plan which will be attached to suppliers without any plan.

Admin also may attach plans to a specific supplier in edit/create supplier form. Suppliers may upgrade or renew their plans as it is described in next paragraph.

Supplier Page

When this module is enabled Suppliers will be able to see new fields in the Seller Account page.

At the Supplier Dashboard, there is information about the current  active  plan and its due date.

Next to the 'Product List' at navigation bar, they may see how many products they can add  with  their current Plan.

In the navigation bar they can also Upgrade or Renew their Plan, please take a look at the next screenshots.

Supplier Dashboard screen


Select the desired plan, click Checkout and follow through until the order is placed.

New plan will active as soon as the purchase is confirmed and payment is validated.

Upgrade plan screen


Supplier can choose to renew subscription plan for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

The new subscription will be valid right after the end of the current plan, and can be verified next to ' Renewal Date' as shown bellow.

Renew plan screen

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