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After installing the Add-On, you can access the configuration panel by navigating to  System → Configuration and then Marketplace → Configuration, as shown in the image below.

Under PayPal Transfer tab, you will be able to enable this module and define how vendors should be paid via their PayPal accounts. 

Transfer Types

Admin can choose one from three payment options:
1. Pay vendor when the order is created
After an order is placed, a payment based on the vendor fee defined commission is automatically sent to the vendor’s PayPal email.
2. Pay Vendor when order status changes to complete
Once an order is shipped and invoiced, the order status in Magento® will change to complete, and the payment, with admin fees deducted, is automatically sent to the vendor’s PayPal account.
3.  Manually
Admins can go to the billing table where all pending payments are listed, pick a vendor, and click the 'Pay' link. This will result in the transfer of all pending payments to that specified vendor.
Finally, remember to save the Configuration!

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