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Send For Approval

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When the  'Order Approval needed' permission is chosen for a Sub-User, they require approval from the Master Account to create an order.

Seeking Approval (Sub-User)

To gain approval the Sub User may use the ' Send for Approval' button in the cart view or in the checkout review. Below an example is shown.

Sub-users cart as seen from the Sub-User side.

Providing Approval (Master Account)

After  'Ask for Approval' has been clicked, the Master Account receives an email notification with all the products in the Sub-User's cart and a link to the cart view with the approving button, 'Approve this cart', to be used. See the screen below for the previous example.

Sub-users cart as seen from the Master Account side.

Placing the order

After the cart has been approved by the Master Account, an email notification is sent to the Sub-User that requested it and the order may be placed. 

If the Sub-User decides to edit the cart before placing the order, an error message will appear stating that a new approval must be requested.

Admin View

The Admin Panel shows a new grid with a column for the status of the Sub-User's cart. 

This view will only appear for Sub-Users with 'Order Approval needed' permission configured.

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