CM Maps Route Manager (CMMRM) - Widgets


Widgets can be accessed through Appearance Widgets. Once a Route Manager widget is added, it will only show up on pages related to the plugin.

Related Routes

The " Routes Manager Related Routes" widget may be displayed in the sidebar or footer on route pages, the admin can specify how many related routes are displayed. The Routes Manager Related Routes widget as it appears in the sidebar of the route page:


The " Routes Manager Menu" widget makes displaying the routes menu in the sidebar or footer simple.The Routes Manager Menu widget as it appears in the sidebar.

Tag Cloud

The " Route Manager Tag Cloud" widget displays a tag cloud of the most used tags relating to routes. Users can customize the location of the tag cloud (sidebar or footer) and how many tags are included.How the Route Manager Tag Cloud widget appears to the sidebar to the right of the map.


The "Route Manager Search" widget displays a search textbox with many filter fields. It's identified as CM Route Manager: Search.

In the Front-End:

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