WordPress Travel Map Plugin (CMMRM) - Importing and Finding KML/KMZ/GPX Files

Importing and finding KML/KMZ/GPX Files

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Imported routes are in "Direct" travel mode by default.

TIP: What is a KML/KMZ/GPX File

KML, KMZ, and GPX are the file formats used to display geographic data in an Earth browser such as Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Maps for mobile. KML/KMZ/GPX files are tag-based.

The WordPress Travel Map plugin calculates the ground distance of imported routes by using coordinates from the files and also Google Maps information. This ensures more precision in the process.

Importing a KML/KMZ/GPX File into Route Manager

There are two ways to import map files into the WordPress Travel Map plugin.

1) Through the "Add Route" Page

To Import a KML KMZ or GPX file into Route manager first navigate to the Routes page and select Add Route at the top.

Adding new route - WordPress Plugin Show Route
Adding new route

First, input the route name, description, status, category, etc.

Then, scrolling down just above the map, the option Import KML, KMZ or GPX file... can be found.

Importing a route from KML, KMZ or GPX file - Route Display WordPress
Importing a route from KML, KMZ or GPX file

2) Through The "Export/Import" Page

TIP: Draft

Imported routes will have a Draft status, so they won't be visible automatically on the index page.

Import settings - Route Display Plugin
Import settings

Option a) Import Routes From KLM, KMZ or GPX files

Original KML/GPX file will be available to download using the export features across the plugin: in  wp-admin → Routes and on the Route front-end page.

Option b) Import Routes From CSV

Upload a CSV file. Each route can contain the link of a related GPX file.

CSV Format

  • Obligatory column - name
  • Optional columns - id, slug, description, mark, gpx, tags, author, likes, owner, checkins_count
CSV file example - Travel Plugins For WordPress
CSV file example

Download the Sample File,

Finding KML/KMZ/GPX Files

From Google Maps

You can generate KML or KMZ files from your Google Maps account by following these steps:

  • Sign in to your My Maps account. 
  • Open or create a map.
  • In the left panel, click the More Menu (with the three dots) and then choose the option Export to KML/KMZ.

    Exporting Google Maps route to KML/KMZ file
    Exporting Google Maps route to KML/KMZ file
  • Follow the instructions to download the file.

    Export settings
    Export settings

For more information, consult Google Maps' documentation.

Other Apps

There are many apps (check out   http://appcrawlr.com/ios-apps/best-apps-kml-file) that can create a KML/KMZ/GPX file or external sites that export routes data into a KML/KMZ/GPX format. 

One recommended app is MotionX GPS http://gps.motionx.com/ which can be used to record tracks.

Converting Between KML/GPX Formats

If your GPS does not create a KML/GPX file, you can easily convert it to KML/GPX using one of the following online tools:

  1. http://www.mapsdata.co.uk/online-file-converter/
  2. http://gpx2kml.com/

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