WordPress Travel Map Plugin (CMMRM) - Drawing a Route

Drawing a Route

The WordPress Travel Map plugin supports two types of route markers. "Location" and "Route". To learn how to add Locations markers, see the Adding Locations Markers article.

To add a Route, navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Maps Routes Manager Pro → Routes. Then click on either the Add Route button or Edit for the existing one (Hover over an existing route's Row to reveal the Edit option).

Adding or editing a route - WordPress Plugin Show Route
Adding or editing a route


When the Draw the route button is clicked it is possible to add routes to the map. Routes can be drawn along roads, paths or off-road for mountain hikes, sailing routes, etc. Routes don't have names, descriptions or images assigned to them and are only used for navigation.

To draw a route, click on the Draw the route button on the top of the map and start clicking on the map to add waypoints. Waypoints appear as open circles. You can draw waypoints sequentially just like locations. To change the location of a waypoint right click and hold it, then move it to the new location and release.

Tool for drawing routes - Route Display WordPress
Tool for drawing routes

To add waypoints to a route Mid Route, move the cursor over the route until the hand appears. Then click the route. A waypoint should appear which can be moved as needed.

Adding waypoints - Route Display Plugin
Adding waypoints

Choosing a Travel mode for a new route causes the route to follow the most appropriate path, roads for cars, cycle paths for bikes, footpaths for walking. The direct acts as an as the crow flies path between waypoints.

Choosing the 'direct' mode - Travel Plugins For WordPress
Choosing the 'direct' mode
Front-end example - Travel Map Plugin
Front-end example

Ground distance

When drawing a route, then the elevation data will be used to calculate the ground distance, the same way as when you import the GPX file.

Google Maps API limitations

Please note that the free Google Maps directions API limits the maximum number of waypoints to 23. More waypoints will cause Google to stop building the walking, bicycling or driving route - only the direct travel mode will work in such case (eg. for imported GPX files). 

Example of error message:

Google Maps API limitations - WordPress Plugins For Travel Website
Google Maps API limitations


Below is a view of the path statistics:

Path statistics example - WordPress Plugins For Travel Blogs
Path statistics example

Editing one statistic

You can manually edit each statistic by clicking on the pencil icon close to it.

Edit statistics button - Travel Map WordPress Plugin
Edit statistics button

Please note that changing these independently will not have carry on effects on the other statistics. For example, changing the distance or time will not result in the average speed changing.

Editing multiple statistics at once

The buttons, on the other hand, can affect more than one statistic. 

Editing multiple statistics at once - Add WordPress Plugin Of Travel Map
Editing multiple statistics at once
  • Recalculate route parameters will fetch the data again from Google.
  • Recalculate custom parameters that will recalculate only the custom parameters. 

Editing and Removing Waypoints and Locations

Marker vs Waypoints

The Route Manager Plugin supports two types of route markers: "Location Markers" and "Waypoints" and you can use both in the same map.

  1. Location Markers - Points of Interest with information. Covered by this the Adding Route Location Markers article
  2. Location Waypoints - Steps that should be covered, in order, during the route. Covered by this article

Once a Route is drawn or Locations are added, it is possible to remove chosen locations or waypoints.

  • Remove waypoints by left-clicking on the waypoint dot marker.
  • Remove locations using the "Remove" button on the locations' list.

The map below shows an example of creating both routes and locations. Read Adding a Route's Locations to learn more.

Example of creating both routes and locations - WordPress + Map Show Route Between Markers
Example of creating both routes and locations

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