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Exporting a KML/GPX File

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With the WordPress Travel Map plugin, users can export their routes as KML or GPX files that can be then used on a smartphone or sat nav. There are three ways for the user to do this. In the View Route screen, from the Export/Import menu item or from the shortcut option in the Routes page.

Managing routes - WordPress Plugin Show Route
Managing routes

1) View Route Screen Method

If the route has been imported from a KML/GPX file then the original file will be served. Otherwise, Route Manager will generate a new KML/GPX file to download.

Exporting the route to GPX file from the route page - Route Display WordPress
Exporting the route to GPX file from the route page

2) Shortcut Option on the Routes Screen Method

Within the Routes screen hover over your chosen route's row to reveal the hidden options. Select Export as GPX or Export as KML. Upon clicking on either of these the file will download immediately.

Note: In the case of routes that were created by uploading a KML or GPX file the option to Download original file will show in the options too. Selecting this will download the file that was uploaded.

Exporting the route to GPX file from the back-end - Route Display Plugin
Exporting the route to GPX file from the back-end

3) Export/Import Tab Method

This allows you to download all the routes on your site in one go. Doing this archives them together into a zip file before downloading them together. This is a very useful tool for copying or moving routes to a new site.

Exporting all routes - Travel Plugins For WordPress
Exporting all routes

How to Use a KML/GPX File on a Mobile Phone

There are many apps that can use a KML/GPX file to display a route and help you navigate with it. (check this list http://appcrawlr.com/ios-apps/best-apps-kml-file).

One recommended app is MotionX GPS http://gps.motionx.com/ which can be used to record tracks.

Converting a KML/GPX File

If your GPS or navigation device does not use KML or GPX files they can be easily converted them from KML or GPX using on of the following online tools:

  1. http://www.mapsdata.co.uk/online-file-converter/
  2. http://gpx2kml.com/

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